How a Drain Line Repair Can Save the Earth and Your Wallet

It does not matter if it is a kitchen sink faucet, a drip from a bathtub, or a running toilet: 10% of United States households have severe leaks in their plumbing that can lead up to 90 gallons of water waste per day. This doesn’t have to happen. The government-backed organization, Energy Star, says using certain water-saving techniques can keep the environment healthy. Saving water means using less energy, and using less energy means cleaner lakes and rivers. What is Energy Stars number one listed water-saving technique? Making changes in your own home by stopping leaks with a drain and sewer line repair.

Saving water means saving the earth but it also means saving you money on your monthly water utility bill. According to Lakeview Water Corp., an unusually high water bill is most often caused by a leak. In order to pinpoint exactly what it is in your home that is wasting your money on incessant dripping, they recommend a plumber to come in and perform a routine drain line repair. So, in order to get the best of both worlds — saving money and saving the earth — a drain line repair is a must. Though, a few questions remain.

What should I check for leaks?

When you’re wondering if you should invest in drain line repair, you should inspect anything that sprouts water. This can be a sink faucet, a bathtub faucet, a toilet, a clothes washer, or even an outside hose or sprinkler.

It isn’t just your inside pipes that could be contributing to the problem. LWC assumes the most common cause of leaks is from toilets with continuously running toilets wasting up to 200 gallons a day. Underground leaks from outdoor usage is the runner up for where the most common leaks come from.

How do I know if something is leaking?

Before calling a plumber right away for drain line repair, there’s a trick to check if a toilet has a leak. Take off the top of the tank behind the toilet, flush the toilet, wait for it to refill with water, drip colored dye, and wait twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, look inside the tank. If there is any color left in the water, there is a leak.

Also with toilets, there might be a low humming sound that might sound like it is “running”. For outside leaks, check under crawlspaces for soggy ground. Sinks and bathtubs are easier to eyeball for drain line repair: in this case, the faucets simply drip water when not turned on.

What exactly is drain line repair?

After finding and contacting a local plumbing company in your area for a quote and service request, a typical drain line repair checks for leaks by examining the washers and gaskets for wear and replacing them if necessary. The plumbing company, or plumbing companies, you contact are the best point of reference.

Getting a drain line replacement is going to be necessary for the long run, especially if you live in higher populated cities like California. It’s worth it to check out plumbing companies in San Diego, CA since a recent survey by the American Water Works Association shows a typical San Diego household pays about $80 a month for water when the national average is less than $40 a month. By simply searching for a plumbing company near me, it’ll be the first step towards repairing the earth and your wallet.

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As space was becoming scarce in their home with four kids, Salim and Valerie, both teachers in Maryland, needed to move up to a much larger house! Our task was to sell their home in Fort Washington, MD, and at the same time, find a new place located within their school district.

First, we helped Salim and Valerie get their home ready for market by suggesting repairs and cosmetic improvements that would make their stunning home stand out. While renovations were being made, we were on the hunt for the PERFECT home! We strategically found a house that was fully-equipped with tons of space—a bonus loft space, spread out bedrooms, and a finished basement! SarahDebbie, and The Reynolds Team secured this dream home by swiftly selling Salim and Valerie’s home just 14 DAYS after going LIVE on our marketing channels for ABOVE ASKING PRICE!

Sell Faster! Selling a home can be so stressful, especially when your home sits on the market. We sell our listings three times faster, which reduces stress for our clients and gets more money in their pocket. Curious on how quickly your home could sell? Call Us at 703-844-1227.

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Oncology Care Programs and Pastoral Counseling

While we are all self quarantining because of COVID-19 at home, many of us don’t have the ability to visit some doctors or get the counseling services we need.

For those of you are looking for second opinion on a cancer diagnosis we have a suggestion fo you.

At Paideia Oncology Care, they’re dedicated to providing you with the foremost cancer care, with the best possible outcomes. They take a faith-based, Christ-centered, comprehensive approach to the treatment of your cancer.

Most doctors understand the value of a second opinion, and they are not offended when a patient wants one. Initially, we provide an in-depth assessment of your cancer by extensively reviewing your medical records. This includes analyzing pathology reports, imaging studies and appropriate molecular, cytogenetic and bio-marker data. We then provide an exhaustive, personalized and exclusive Consultation/Second-Opinion. In addition, we provide monthly follow up, remote monitoring consultative sessions for the duration of your treatment. This is done to insure optimal medical management of your illness.

During this period, you may choose unlimited access to our board-certified medical oncologists. But above all, and most importantly, we provide a comprehensive cancer distress management program. This program involves weekly sessions with a pastoral counselor which is, we  believe, the key advantage to overcoming your cancer.

Yes, by your Faith, we move your cancer care to a higher realm—-right into the arms of God, the great physician.

As a result, Paideia Oncology Care is leading the way in comprehensive cancer treatment. We will help you obtain a better cancer outcome, and even more importantly, a greater faith in God.  For a free consultation with one of our physicians, call (201) 906-6391.

About Dr. Graham

Dr. Peter E. Graham MD is a board certified medical oncologist, who has practiced Hematology- Oncology for over 40 years. Dr. Graham is a highly regarded and experienced national physician. In practicing medicine, he has personally witnessed the power that faith can have in eradicating cancer. Dr. Graham has recognized that this is the method that Jesus himself prescribed. In the Bible, “Your faith has made you whole” Jesus said time and time again. In this regard, Dr. Graham has developed a telemedicine program that emphasizes faith, intertwined with the best cancer treatment available via telemedicine.

About Pastor Scudder

David Scudder worked ten years in the business world before becoming a full-time senior pastor, first in rural North Carolina and then, since 1992, at Bethel Chapel Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also previously serving the Lord at a nearby cancer center, Pastor Scudder has extensive experience working with those who are struggling with the emotional and spiritual issues that cancer can bring. He brings faith into the lives of stressed and brokenhearted individuals, by applying God’s Word to meet their needs.

Frederick’s Fastest-Selling New Home Community

Landsdale Frederick MD Homes for sale

Life With A View

Click here to take a video tour of Landsdale

Landsdale Frederick is more than just a community, it’s a way of life. Every aspect has been thoughtfully designed to inspire more relaxation, togetherness and fun in your daily life. A place where you can enjoy a tennis match and a dip in the pool, gathering with neighbors at the clubhouse, or watching the sunset from your back porch. A place where you can own a new home built just for you. With five of the area’s most talented builders, offering a large selection of home styles, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for you and your family. Perhaps the most exceptional quality of Landsdale is the incredible natural beauty surrounding it, making you feel that no matter what you’re doing, you’re living somewhere very special indeed.

  • 6,000 square foot Craftsman-style clubhouse overlooking community
  •  8-lane Olympic-size pool
  • Zero-entry leisure pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Playgrounds and tot lots
  • Sport court and open spaces
  •  Walking/biking trails
  • Outdoor amphitheater
  • Future elementary school on-site

Carved into the rolling hills of Frederick County, Landsdale is a stunning master-planned community thoughtfully designed to capture the best in small-town living. This modern sanctuary is a careful blend of serene natural beauty and active vibrant lifestyle in a perfectly accessible location. Here, you will find a place that feels as fresh as it does familiar with meandering streets, adventurous amenities and sweeping views of Sugarloaf Mountain. A place where you can connect with your neighbors, make life-long friends and enjoy the simplicities of life. A place that’s inspired, offering the latest new townhome and single-family home designs from the finest local builders. A place you’ll be delighted to call home.

With picturesque rolling hills and sweeping views of Sugarloaf Mountain, Landsdale’s location in Frederick County offers a tranquil respite for those looking to escape the daily grind. Here you are perfectly placed just 4 miles east of Urbana, near sought-after schools, shopping, dining, arts, entertainment and recreation, with instant accessibility to downtown Frederick and commuter routes to Montgomery County, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Whether you seek unique epicurean delights, a quick bite while shopping, an afternoon of outdoor exploration, or an escape to an exotic destination, Landsdale makes it easy for you to satisfy your every whim. No matter where you decide to roam, you will feel a breath of fresh air every time you come home.

  • 4 Miles East of Urbana
  • 4 Miles to I-270 and 2 Miles to I-70
  • 10 Miles to Downtown Frederick
  • 25 Miles to Rockville Town Center
  • Everyday conveniences nearby
  • Highly Acclaimed Frederick County Schools
  • Convenient to three International Airports

Frederick’s Fastest-Selling New Home Community

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Even if you don’t plan to sell your home any time soon, it’s never a bad idea to add some value to it. Not only does this make it worth more should you choose to sell it in the future, but it makes living there more enjoyable for you. Investing in your home is a worthy way to spend your money and can increase the value of your daily life.

There are all kinds of things you can do to increase the value of your home. Some of them are small and simple, while others are a bit more involved. You can pick and choose depending on the state of your home and find the best ways to spruce the place up.


From kitchen remodeling to basement remodeling, home renovations can greatly increase the value of your home. New paint and flooring alone can help to boost the beauty and monetary value, but you can boost them even more by adding new appliances or plumbing items. Not only does this make your home worth more, but it will make it a more enjoyable place to live for you. Having a gorgeous kitchen to cook in or a luxurious tub to bathe in can make being at home more relaxing. You can always start in the room that needs it most and then work on other rooms as time passes. Maybe you will start with a new roof or kitchen remodeling before moving on to the bathroom, or maybe you will just go straight for the basement. No matter where you start, you will be boosting the value of the house.


The inside of your home isn’t the only thing that matters. You can take pride in having a beautiful outdoor space as well. A stunning backyard where you can have cookouts with the family makes for a summer full of memories. A beautifully sculpted front yard and a smooth driveway can make it easier to sell your home if you need to. After all, the front of your home is going to be the first impression that potential buyers have, so you want it to look good.


Maybe you don’t need kitchen remodeling, but you do need more space. Home additions not only give you more room in your home, but they add to the value of it. More space for bedrooms, offices, or other areas can make your house worth considerably more. Adding a bathroom can increase your ROI to 86.4% on its own. However, you don’t have to be selling for an addition to be worth the money. You could do it if you need a new home office or a nursery for a new addition to the family.

Reaching out to a home remodeling contractor could be worth your time whether you plan to sell your home or not. If you are selling, it can get you more money when you make the final sale. If you’re not selling, it can increase the happiness of the years you spend in your home. Either way, it’s a great investment that you should consider making.


Summertime can be full of many joys, from lazy days in the pool to fun cookouts with your friends and family. Severe summer storms, however, are usually the tougher parts of the year’s warm months. Thunderstorms over the summer can bring serious wind, rain, and hail to your area in mere seconds. In the short amount of time a storm sweeps over your home, it can knock trees and power lines onto your roof, cause damage with hail and rain, and result in flash flooding.

Your residential roofing doesn’t have to be at the mercy of the natural elements. Let’s take a look at the top tips for protecting your home’s roof against dangerous summer storms.

Have an annual inspection

Getting regular annual inspections of your roof will help catch small problems before they become much larger. As a central part of preventative maintenance, an annual inspection will help ensure that your shingles stay in good shape and there are no opportunities for leaks. This is all essential in saving you money in repair bills when the storms do strike.

Replace damaged shingles

A single damaged shingle may not seem like it will have a huge impact on the overall state of your roof, but sound residential roofing relies on every piece of it being in tip-top shape. High winds throughout the year can loosen or dislodge shingles. These gaps leave your roof vulnerable to more serious damage when severe storms roll in during the summer. By replacing the occasional shingle or two during the year, you’ll give your family a much more stable roof over their head.

Clean your gutters

The state of your gutters is directly connected to the state of your roof. When your gutters are clean, water will flow off of your roof properly. When gutters have dirt and debris clogging their paths, rainwater will pool on your roof. This standing water can then seep into the shingles, soffit, and fascia, causing the gutters to tear away from your house.

Clogged gutters can also affect the quality of your siding and even your home’s basement. If your gutters are blocked, water will fall away from the downspouts and spill down your home’s exterior walls. The water will then deteriorate wood framing, saturate vinyl siding, and potentially cause mold growth inside the walls. After hitting your home’s sides, the water will saturate the ground right below it and may penetrate the pores of your home’s concrete foundation. Make sure that your gutters are ready for heavy rains by clearing them out yourself or calling a professional to do the job.

Trim your trees

Fallen branches and trees are perhaps the most prevalent danger that comes from heavy storms. You know that a falling tree can cause major structural damage to your home, but smaller branches that fall can also lead to lasting damage. These tinier branches can scrape off the protective coating on your roof as they cause granular loss on its shingles. To prevent this, trim trees on your property that are close enough to fall on the roof. Aim for at least six feet of clearance to ensure that no wily branches make their way onto your roof during strong winds.

Don’t ignore damage

According to a consumer survey, durability was chosen as the number one factor when deciding which new roof to purchase, with 88% of the consumers’ votes. While this concentration on durability will hopefully lead homeowners to choose a roof that doesn’t often get damaged, wear and tear happen to almost every roof. It’s impossible to control elements of nature that pierce your roof or lead to leaks.

As soon as you notice a leak in your roof or damaged shingles, contact experienced residential roofing contractors immediately. They will assess your home for residential roofing replacement and get you the roof your home needs in order to keep your family safe. When you ignore the signs of a damaged roof and procrastinate roof replacement, you put yourself and everyone who lives in the home in danger when the summer storm season rolls around.

Summer is about to kick into full gear. Before it does, you need to ensure that your home is ready for the thunderstorms and winds that the season often brings. Contact Style Roofing Inc. today to learn more about how you can ensure your roof is ready to stand up to the challenges of the summer.

10 Most Popular States For Millennials (You’ll Never Guess Number 1!)

Moving Tips Maryland

Every year, approximately 43 million Americans move to a new location. Some might move across the street from their parents and some might move across the country. No matter the distance between two places, a new move can be a great fresh start for someone — especially a young person who is still finding his or herself.

No matter where you’re moving, it’s best to work with residential moving professionals in order to quickly and efficiently relocate. Without working with professional Alexandria movers, for instance, you could be running around on the day of your move, stressing out over missed boxes, unlabeled items, and all other issues. Alexandria movers can help your move go much better — so take advantage of their professional moving assistance.

U.S. News measured the annual average growth rate of people between the ages of 25 to 29 years old in each state over a three-year period from 2013 to 2016, in order to see where the majority of young Americans were relocating to. The national average was a 1.9% growth rate. Here are the 10 most popular states that young people are moving to:

  1. North Dakota — You could poll almost any amount of people on the street, and no one would guess North Dakota as a popular spot for millennials. The state has enjoyed plenty of economic growth over the last few years and America’s youth have noticed — and contributed. Young population growth: 5.1%.
  2. Washington — Millennials love coffee and tech — Washington, specifically Seattle, are filled with coffee and tech. A perfect match. Young population growth: 3.6%.
  3. Michigan — Millennials also love coming up with new ideas and innovations, and Michigan is actually great for patent creation, ranking in the top 10. Young population growth: 3.4%.
  4. Florida — Florida is great for visiting, but this beautiful state is also perfect for young people starting their lives. Young population growth: 3.3%.
  5. South Carolina — Myrtle Beach and Charleston are extremely popular for millennials. Plus, the University of South Carolina’s out-of-state student body has been significantly growing. Young population growth: 3.2%.
  6. Delaware — Although Delaware might not come to mind when people think about great states for millennials, its beaches and healthy market are extremely welcoming to America’s youth. Young population growth: 3.2%.
  7. Tennessee — Tennessee’s most exciting city, Nashville, has had approximately 100 people moving to the city each day from July 2015 to July 2016. Young population growth: 3.2%.
  8. Oregon — A popular area of the state, Benton County, actually has a median age of only 32.5 years. Young population growth: 3.0%.
  9. Arizona — Over the last few years, many more people have been entering Arizona, rather than leaving — especially millennials. Young population growth: 3.0%.
  10. Nevada — Some millennials are actually leaving California in order to take advantage of Nevada’s affordable housing market and lower cost of living. Young population growth: 2.9%.

If you’re ready to make the next big jump in your life and relocate to a new home, it’s best to contact Alexandria movers right away and start getting everything ready. Contact Craig Van Lines today and speak with their moving professionals! Good luck! Offers Winter Chimney Cleaning Special

chimney cleaning maryland

Popular Maryland-based chimney sweep offers winter discounts on chimney cleaning and inspection

Silver Spring, Maryland –, a leading provider of chimney and fireplace services, announced this week that they are offering discounts on chimney cleaning, top closing dampers, and chimney caps. The company hopes these offers will make it easier for all residents in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC to have their chimney inspected and cleaned this year.

Creosote is a chemical found in wood burning fireplaces. This highly combustible chemical builds up over time, coating the inside of the chimney. Creosote buildup is the leading cause of chimney fires. It is recommended that homeowners have their chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year to prevent the chance of chimney fires.

“We want people to understand how important it is to have their chimney cleaned regularly,” said Jimmy Mayo, Owner at “We’ve seen the damage that chimney fires can cause and we’d like to help everyone in the Metropolitan area avoid that same fate.”

Fireplaces are responsible for approximately 25,000 house fires each year. Large chimney fires can burn explosively, often loud enough to be detected by neighbors or those inside the home. However, several smaller chimney fires go undetected each year. Due to the extreme heat produced by these slow burning fires, small fires can cause just as much damage to chimney structures as their larger versions. Regular inspection and cleaning is crucial to the prevention of chimney fires.

In addition to chimney fires, improper fireplace maintenance can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Every year, carbon monoxide claims the lives of approximately 4,000 people. Most carbon monoxide problems occur due to improper exhausting of fumes. Regular fireplace inspection and maintenance helps prevent these problems.

For a limited time, is offering residents in the DC Metropolitan area $25 off chimney sweeping, $30 off top closing dampers, and $10 off chimney caps. This offer is available only through the company’s Money Mailer ad and cannot be combined with any other offer. The ad can be found on Money Mailer’s website at

About offers comprehensive chimney and fireplace services to residential and commercial buildings in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. The company is fully licensed and insured contractor. In fact, is the only company in the Metropolitan area that is licensed by WSSC. Services offered by include chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, chimney relining, chimney part sales, and chimney rebuilding.



History of Northern Virginia and Maryland Data Centers

During the late 1960s, the U.S. Government began experimenting with fiber optic networking. It was Northern Virginia’s low-latency connections to the national fiber network backbone that positioned the area as the top market for network peering serving some of the world’s largest telecommunications firms. Over the last fifteen years, Northern Virginia has continued to evolve into the largest cloud and colocation data center market in the world.

Current Developments

As technology becomes more prevalent in everything we do, the need for growth is inevitable. Increased use of social media and online streaming currently drives consumer demand. In the corporate environment, increased demand can be attributed to the shift from private servers to cloud-based solutions, and the increase of Internet of Things (IOT) deployments. Around 95% of all businesses today are using the cloud to some degree.

In order to remain successful, cloud service providers are expanding even more to accommodate the enormous amounts of data being collected and consumed. Several cloud providers currently operating in Northern Virginia have already predicted that they will need to triple their infrastructure by the year 2020.

Data center inventory levels continue to rise to meet growing demand and nearly every MegaWatt of capacity that is constructed is occupied shortly after it is commissioned.  Growth in Northern Virginia is expected to continue throughout the rest of the year despite the high cost per acre, which currently sits around $1.2 million.  Some predict that the explosive growth in the region will continue at least through 2022.

As demand rises and needs change, we’re starting to see a trend of building up, vertically, as opposed to building out. Multi story data centers are becoming more common as leaders in the industry attempt to save space, while accommodating changing demands. By building up, large companies can pack more servers into the same real estate footprint.

Future Developments

Demand for increased IT resources, mission critical facilities and productivity is at an all time high. This demand is matched by an increased need for higher efficiency, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact. Companies must adjust if they wish to keep up with changing demands.

As the data center market continues to grow, more companies are looking beyond Loudoun County, particularly in neighboring Prince William County. Prince William County currently supports 3.5 million square feet of data center space for industry giants including Amazon Web Services, Cloud HQ, and Iron Mountain. Another colo REIT, QTS Data Centers, announced this year their plans to build a 24-megawatt data center in Manassas. As the space increases more and more companies are hiring local digital marketing agencies to help sell their inventory of space.

With all this growth, it would appear that Northern Virginia will remain at the top of the data center rankings nationally, and possibly globally, for years to come.

Remodeling Your Bathroom? Here Are 3 Design Trends From 2018 To Keep In Mind


Bathroom remodeling isn’t inherently fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Incorporating the latest design and decorating trends, from the type of flooring you choose to the tiles you include in the shower, can keep the experience fresh and lively. If you’re unsure where to begin, take a look at these three 2018 design trends.

  • Size Isn’t Everything: If you’ve ever seen a show on HGTV, the bathroom remodelers always seem to think bigger is better. Two person sinks, walk-in showers that can easily hold six people, and expansive marble floors all create a space that an individual seems to drown in on their own. Additionally, bathroom remodeling usually focuses on design upgrades and changes rather than expansions into nearby rooms, so you probably aren’t even able to recreate those grandiose master baths. The trick to making your bathroom feel comfortable and not cramped involves the efficient use of the space you do have: consider shelving in the place of cabinets, floating vanities to create the perception of space, and space-saving walk-in showers. Your bathroom doesn’t need to be huge to feel like a sanctuary.
  • Incorporate Tech: The bathroom may seem like the last place you’d want to bring a computer into, but the reality is absolutely amazing. Being able to control the exact temperature of your shower — even creating “routines” with intensity and pressure (like for after a workout) — is a luxury you never know you needed. Companies are beginning to design toilets that warm your feet while sitting, and sound systems that react to voice technology so you can personalize your music without drying off or lifting a finger. If those sound a little extreme to you, go simpler: install heated floors so your bare toes will never be chilly again.
  • Boldly Go: Accent walls and floors bring the design of a room together, acting as its focal point, drawing the eye and keeping its attention. By adding a bold pattern or color to these features (that maintains the style of your home), you’ll be amazed at the change it makes. Some people even like gas fireplaces in their bathroom. Which would be really great on cold winter mornings.

More than 80% of homeowners performing a bathroom remodel replace major features, so don’t let the work intimidate you! Before you know it, you’ll have a bathroom that looks like it belongs on the golden screens of HGTV.