10 Most Popular States For Millennials (You’ll Never Guess Number 1!)

Moving Tips Maryland

Every year, approximately 43 million Americans move to a new location. Some might move across the street from their parents and some might move across the country. No matter the distance between two places, a new move can be a great fresh start for someone — especially a young person who is still finding his or herself.

No matter where you’re moving, it’s best to work with residential moving professionals in order to quickly and efficiently relocate. Without working with professional Alexandria movers, for instance, you could be running around on the day of your move, stressing out over missed boxes, unlabeled items, and all other issues. Alexandria movers can help your move go much better — so take advantage of their professional moving assistance.

U.S. News measured the annual average growth rate of people between the ages of 25 to 29 years old in each state over a three-year period from 2013 to 2016, in order to see where the majority of young Americans were relocating to. The national average was a 1.9% growth rate. Here are the 10 most popular states that young people are moving to:

  1. North Dakota — You could poll almost any amount of people on the street, and no one would guess North Dakota as a popular spot for millennials. The state has enjoyed plenty of economic growth over the last few years and America’s youth have noticed — and contributed. Young population growth: 5.1%.
  2. Washington — Millennials love coffee and tech — Washington, specifically Seattle, are filled with coffee and tech. A perfect match. Young population growth: 3.6%.
  3. Michigan — Millennials also love coming up with new ideas and innovations, and Michigan is actually great for patent creation, ranking in the top 10. Young population growth: 3.4%.
  4. Florida — Florida is great for visiting, but this beautiful state is also perfect for young people starting their lives. Young population growth: 3.3%.
  5. South Carolina — Myrtle Beach and Charleston are extremely popular for millennials. Plus, the University of South Carolina’s out-of-state student body has been significantly growing. Young population growth: 3.2%.
  6. Delaware — Although Delaware might not come to mind when people think about great states for millennials, its beaches and healthy market are extremely welcoming to America’s youth. Young population growth: 3.2%.
  7. Tennessee — Tennessee’s most exciting city, Nashville, has had approximately 100 people moving to the city each day from July 2015 to July 2016. Young population growth: 3.2%.
  8. Oregon — A popular area of the state, Benton County, actually has a median age of only 32.5 years. Young population growth: 3.0%.
  9. Arizona — Over the last few years, many more people have been entering Arizona, rather than leaving — especially millennials. Young population growth: 3.0%.
  10. Nevada — Some millennials are actually leaving California in order to take advantage of Nevada’s affordable housing market and lower cost of living. Young population growth: 2.9%.

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Chimney.com Offers Winter Chimney Cleaning Special

chimney cleaning maryland

Popular Maryland-based chimney sweep offers winter discounts on chimney cleaning and inspection

Silver Spring, Maryland – Chimney.com, a leading provider of chimney and fireplace services, announced this week that they are offering discounts on chimney cleaning, top closing dampers, and chimney caps. The company hopes these offers will make it easier for all residents in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC to have their chimney inspected and cleaned this year.

Creosote is a chemical found in wood burning fireplaces. This highly combustible chemical builds up over time, coating the inside of the chimney. Creosote buildup is the leading cause of chimney fires. It is recommended that homeowners have their chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year to prevent the chance of chimney fires.

“We want people to understand how important it is to have their chimney cleaned regularly,” said Jimmy Mayo, Owner at Chimney.com. “We’ve seen the damage that chimney fires can cause and we’d like to help everyone in the Metropolitan area avoid that same fate.”

Fireplaces are responsible for approximately 25,000 house fires each year. Large chimney fires can burn explosively, often loud enough to be detected by neighbors or those inside the home. However, several smaller chimney fires go undetected each year. Due to the extreme heat produced by these slow burning fires, small fires can cause just as much damage to chimney structures as their larger versions. Regular inspection and cleaning is crucial to the prevention of chimney fires.

In addition to chimney fires, improper fireplace maintenance can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Every year, carbon monoxide claims the lives of approximately 4,000 people. Most carbon monoxide problems occur due to improper exhausting of fumes. Regular fireplace inspection and maintenance helps prevent these problems.

For a limited time, Chimney.com is offering residents in the DC Metropolitan area $25 off chimney sweeping, $30 off top closing dampers, and $10 off chimney caps. This offer is available only through the company’s Money Mailer ad and cannot be combined with any other offer. The ad can be found on Money Mailer’s website at http://www.moneymailer.com.

About Chimney.com

Chimney.com offers comprehensive chimney and fireplace services to residential and commercial buildings in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. The company is fully licensed and insured. In fact, Chimney.com is the only company in the Metropolitan area that is licensed by WSSC. Services offered by Chimney.com include chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, chimney relining, chimney part sales, and chimney rebuilding.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at https://www.chimney.com


History of Northern Virginia and Maryland Data Centers

During the late 1960s, the U.S. Government began experimenting with fiber optic networking. It was Northern Virginia’s low-latency connections to the national fiber network backbone that positioned the area as the top market for network peering serving some of the world’s largest telecommunications firms. Over the last fifteen years, Northern Virginia has continued to evolve into the largest cloud and colocation data center market in the world.

Current Developments

As technology becomes more prevalent in everything we do, the need for growth is inevitable. Increased use of social media and online streaming currently drives consumer demand. In the corporate environment, increased demand can be attributed to the shift from private servers to cloud-based solutions, and the increase of Internet of Things (IOT) deployments. Around 95% of all businesses today are using the cloud to some degree.

In order to remain successful, cloud service providers are expanding even more to accommodate the enormous amounts of data being collected and consumed. Several cloud providers currently operating in Northern Virginia have already predicted that they will need to triple their infrastructure by the year 2020.

Data center inventory levels continue to rise to meet growing demand and nearly every MegaWatt of capacity that is constructed is occupied shortly after it is commissioned.  Growth in Northern Virginia is expected to continue throughout the rest of the year despite the high cost per acre, which currently sits around $1.2 million.  Some predict that the explosive growth in the region will continue at least through 2022.

As demand rises and needs change, we’re starting to see a trend of building up, vertically, as opposed to building out. Multi story data centers are becoming more common as leaders in the industry attempt to save space, while accommodating changing demands. By building up, large companies can pack more servers into the same real estate footprint.

Future Developments

Demand for increased IT resources, mission critical facilities and productivity is at an all time high. This demand is matched by an increased need for higher efficiency, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact. Companies must adjust if they wish to keep up with changing demands.

As the data center market continues to grow, more companies are looking beyond Loudoun County, particularly in neighboring Prince William County. Prince William County currently supports 3.5 million square feet of data center space for industry giants including Amazon Web Services, Cloud HQ, and Iron Mountain. Another colo REIT, QTS Data Centers, announced this year their plans to build a 24-megawatt data center in Manassas.

With all this growth, it would appear that Northern Virginia will remain at the top of the data center rankings nationally, and possibly globally, for years to come.

Remodeling Your Bathroom? Here Are 3 Design Trends From 2018 To Keep In Mind


Bathroom remodeling isn’t inherently fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Incorporating the latest design and decorating trends, from the type of flooring you choose to the tiles you include in the shower, can keep the experience fresh and lively. If you’re unsure where to begin, take a look at these three 2018 design trends.

  • Size Isn’t Everything: If you’ve ever seen a show on HGTV, the bathroom remodelers always seem to think bigger is better. Two person sinks, walk-in showers that can easily hold six people, and expansive marble floors all create a space that an individual seems to drown in on their own. Additionally, bathroom remodeling usually focuses on design upgrades and changes rather than expansions into nearby rooms, so you probably aren’t even able to recreate those grandiose master baths. The trick to making your bathroom feel comfortable and not cramped involves the efficient use of the space you do have: consider shelving in the place of cabinets, floating vanities to create the perception of space, and space-saving walk-in showers. Your bathroom doesn’t need to be huge to feel like a sanctuary.
  • Incorporate Tech: The bathroom may seem like the last place you’d want to bring a computer into, but the reality is absolutely amazing. Being able to control the exact temperature of your shower — even creating “routines” with intensity and pressure (like for after a workout) — is a luxury you never know you needed. Companies are beginning to design toilets that warm your feet while sitting, and sound systems that react to voice technology so you can personalize your music without drying off or lifting a finger. If those sound a little extreme to you, go simpler: install heated floors so your bare toes will never be chilly again.
  • Boldly Go: Accent walls and floors bring the design of a room together, acting as its focal point, drawing the eye and keeping its attention. By adding a bold pattern or color to these features (that maintains the style of your home), you’ll be amazed at the change it makes. Some people even like gas fireplaces in their bathroom. Which would be really great on cold winter mornings.

More than 80% of homeowners performing a bathroom remodel replace major features, so don’t let the work intimidate you! Before you know it, you’ll have a bathroom that looks like it belongs on the golden screens of HGTV.


When it comes to landscaping, many Metro Area homeowners often focus on planting trees and various flowers throughout their yards. But one type of greenery that is often underrated is shrubbery. Shrubs are a great addition to any yard; not only can strategically planting shrubs and trees help save up to 25% on energy bills by adding some extra shade, but they can help fill out empty spots and add some texture to your landscaping. So if you decide to add some shrubbery to your yard this summer, here are a few tips to help keep them looking their best.

Keep Them Hydrated

Like any greenery, shrubs need to be watered in order to thrive. Fortunately, shrubs don’t need to be watered very often. When they’re first planted, make sure you’re watering your shrubbery at least once a week, especially if it doesn’t rain. When watering, make sure you’re allowing the water to soak into the soil to reach the roots. To help retain moisture, consider adding mulch and stone aggregates around the base of the shrubbery. Overall, just make sure your shrubbery is getting plenty of water.

Consider Their Size

Unlike most flowers, shrubs can grow pretty big. When choosing your shrubbery, it’s important to keep size in mind. If you’re trying to fill a rather small space, make sure you don’t try to cram a bunch of shrubs into the tight spot. And if you’re trying to fill out a large area, choose shrubbery that will grow big enough to cover the area. Because shrubbery can grow rather large, it’s important to stay on top of trimming and pruning to ensure the shrubs don’t overtake other greenery in your yard.

Select the Right Soil

Soil is one of the most important landscape supplies you’ll need for shrubbery. When you’re looking for soil and mulch for sale, you need to choose materials that have the necessary nutrients in them. If you have soil that isn’t packed full of the right nutrients, make sure you’re using an organic fertilizer to ensure the shrubbery is getting access to the food it needs to grow. Either way, make sure your shrubbery is being nourished properly.

With its various sizes, colors, and textures, shrubbery can be a great addition to any yard. So if you’re adding some shrubs to your landscaping, follow these tips to ensure they’re as healthy as possible.

Article originally seen on Gateway Home and Garden Center

Growing Your Mental Health Practice With Video Counseling Sessions

Use Technology to reduce traffic stresses

Does the Maryland Beltway Traffic ruin your business? With all the readily available technology in the mental health field, it can be very difficult for Psychologists, Therapists, and Counselors to stay up to date with how to best reach potential clients that could benefit from what you have to offer.

We have listed a few key points to consider as the Mental Health and Wellness Industry continues to transcend past previous technological limitations.

Brick and Mortar Practices require Digital Marketing

Traditional Brick and Mortar practices require modern Digital Marketing. Do not be afraid of joining a network to raise an online presence.  For more of an individualized marketing effort, create a Website or Provider Profile. Establishing an online base allows one’s practice to market itself on various Social Media platforms.

VIDEO SESSIONS must be HIPAA Compliant

The hottest topic in the Mental Health and Wellness industry is Video Counseling. The practice of video counseling rockets us past the traditional face to face session, to a more convenient “in your own space session.”  THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT VIDEO COUNSELING; the service must be HIPAA Compliant and should be accompanied by a BAA.

No – Skype, Facetime, and Facebook do not offer HIPAA Compliant video sessions – so using them can be costly with fines. Using a non-secure service raises the potential of a client’s sensitive health information being compromised.

Redefine your practice

Prepare for the future!  Brick and Mortar serves a role in a common day practice, but do not let that define your operation. Digitally Market yourself by adding HIPAA Compliant video sessions to your present services. In doing so, you are ensuring your practice is CURRENT and will meet the needs of your clients!

At Let’s Talk Counseling we offer a turnkey solution to help both large and small practices.  Our HIPAA compliant video counseling platform gives you the ability to communicate with clients in a safe/secure easy to use environment.  Even better, our platform gives you the ability to schedule appointments, take payment, and market yourself with your own customized website with SEO built in.

Article originally written at: https://letstalkcounseling.com/blog/growing-your-mental-health-practice-with-video-counseling-sessions

Call us today for a free consultation at 844-880-8255 or simply go back to the main page of this website and click on Free Trial to learn more

How to Prepare Your Middle School Student for the TJ Admissions Test

Young Scholars

The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology provides a unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in science, mathematics, or technology. This prestigious school offers a challenging curriculum, focused on the STEM subjects. In order to attend TJHSST, students must complete a rigorous two-round admissions process.

TJHSST has strict requirements when it comes to grade point average and test scores. It’s crucial the middle school students do all they can to prepare for these important tests. Students must have strong test scores in reading, science, and math. They must also have strong writing skills and a passion for STEM subjects.

TJHSST Admission Prep

As a leading provider of test prep and STEM courses, Young Scholars Circe has experience with students wishing to gain admission to TJHSST. In addition to writing skills, we have found that one of the key differentiators in the admission process are the STEM extra-curricular activities that students pursue.

Young Scholars Circle offers admission prep classes and tutoring for students interested in TJ admission. Our courses are designed to give students an opportunity to improve their writing skills and test scores in all subjects.

Test Prep Courses for Middle School Students

Our test prep courses help students learn how to manage their time and develop the organizational skills needed for success. We provide students with a unique opportunity to view the types of questions they will encounter in a simulated testing environment. All progress is tracked so that students can learn which areas require improvement. This puts them in the best possible position for success.

The new TJ admissions test includes multiple choice and constructed response items for both reading and science. It’s important to make sure that your student is well prepared. They should have a full understand of the format of this important test. They should know how to manage their time to ensure they are able to complete all sections in the required time limits. We can help your student develop the skills and confidence needed to excel.

Please contact us for more information about our test prep, and tutoring programs. Many of our readers will move their family from Maryland to attend this prestigious school. With such a big investment and commitment, make sure you provide the best resources possible for your child.