Reynolds Team Realty Spotlight

Ranked as one of the top teams in the DC Metro Area by the Wall Street Journal, Debbie, Sarah, and the entire Reynolds Team attribute their success to always putting their client’s needs first, above all else. This is something that many agents say, but Debbie and Sarah are on a mission to actually DO it by providing their clients several GUARANTEE programs that take the risk out of selling or buying a home.  They have become passionate about providing these guarantees, and at the same time making each client feel as though they are their only client. Debbie started the business in 1988 to provide extra income for the family.What started as extra income turned into a passion. Sarah joined her mom with this passion in 2006, and not only did the mother-daughter aspect bring them together, but so did the passion for their clients. They are a true family owned business! It’s been said that buying or selling a home is one of the most stressful things that anyone will go through in their lifetime. Debbie and Sarah understand this, and are passionate about providing an experience for their clients where we take ALL the stress away! They have always hired partners to join the team that share their core values! It hasn’t always been easy to find them, but they have found that it is worth the wait to find agents and team members that have the same care and passion that they do! It’s an amazing team! Conversion Pipeline is proud to provide a full suite of search engine optimization and online advertising solutions for The Reynolds Team. Contact The Reynolds Team for easy home buying solutions! The Reynolds Team also provides a full suite of Real Estate Services in the following markets: Atlanta GA Everyone loves Atlanta for different reasons—whether it’s for our enthusiasm over sports, our soul food, or the great outdoors, one thing we can agree on is that this is the place to be! If our recreational opportunities weren’t enough to convince you, unlike other cities, our endless real estate opportunities in the sprawling suburbs are known for being inexpensive. What’s not to love? Linde Moore of Linde & Associates has officially merged with The Reynolds Team and have taken on the new Team Name “The Linde& Sarah Group Atlanta GA,” powered by The Reynolds Team, and are ready to help you find the home of your dreams in Atlanta, Georgia! You may have seen or heard our famous taglines “Debbie Has The Buyers,” or “Your Home Sold Guaranteed Or Debbie And Sarah Will Buy It” on 1140 WRVA News Radio,,, or even, The Wall Street Journal! Our reputation spans far and wide, with many of our friends on these various platforms personally voguing for our services. By popular demand, we expanded our network into Richmond, Virginia, and have brought our commitment to top notch service with us. Those Guarantees we mentioned aren’t just taglines, though; they are REAL promises we have put into place to stand behind the service we promise, and thus, take away the risk of buying or selling a home. Richmond VA Our Expansion into Richmond, Virginia, was our first BIG leap into taking our network nationwide! That is to say, serving the Richmond, Virginia area paved the way for our West Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia expansions, as we learned how to successfully grow and manage a team from afar. We are now the fastest growing and most successful Keller Williams Team in Richmond! It’s safe to say that we have mastered the ins and outs of the diverse real estate opportunities in Richmond, VA, and are experts at navigating through the market. Our Team in Richmond LOVES the widespread art communities and historical ties the city has to the Civil War. Those that live here enjoy the street art (including over 100 mural installations), museums, and historical landmarks! VA Beach | Hampton Roads As seen or heard on WNIS 790 AM, 106.7 The Fan, 97.1 WASH-FM, 630 AM ESPN,,, and The Wall Street Journal, Sarah, Debbie, and The Reynolds Team in VA Beach | Hampton Roads live up to our reputation as specialists in the area. Many of our friends on these various platforms personally vouch for our services! With that being said, we attribute our success in VA Beach | Hampton Roads to our in-depth knowledge of the market. Our Team knows how highly-sought-after the real estate is in VA Beach | Hampton Roads. The Reynolds Team is dedicated to a level of service that goes above and beyond, which is why we provide various Guarantee Programs that take away the risk of buying or selling a home. We can help you take advantage of this market by selling your home for TOP DOLLAR and buying a new one for the right price! For a long time, we have wanted to serve the Virginia Beach area. To do so, we needed to partner with some fantastic people that aligned with our mission! And by popular demand, we are officially expanding our network into Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Sandbridge, and Williamsburg thanks to our partnership with Cristen Treu. We have brought our top-notch service, Guarantees, and compassion for our clients with us and are so excited to share this market with you! Denver, CO Gaye Ribble and The Ribble Group in Denver, Colorado, have officially joined forces with The Reynolds Team Network to bring the entire Front Range the incredible signature service and Guarantees we are known for! We love The Mile High City’s architecture and ambiance—it’s a unique place where urban sophistication meets outdoor adventures. We’re famous for our world-class cultural attractions, chef-driven dining, and red-hot music scene, all comfortably situated in the brimming Rocky Mountains. Our passionate and enthusiastic Denver, CO Realtor Partners are so excited to share this amazing community with you,and are ready to help you achieve your real estate dreams in Denver & The Entire Front Range!

The History of Glass Windows

Many of us are interested in restoring old windows. But how many of us know the fascinating journey of glass windows through time? Although most people don’t give it much thought, glass windows are one of the most essential parts of a home. They allow us to connect with the outside world visually. They brighten living and working spaces and enhance the beauty of not only the exterior of a building but also the inner space. Perhaps the greatest benefit of glass windows is their ability to improve the mood and well-being of their building occupants.

Glass is inorganic and can be molded into many shapes. It is usually transparent or opaque. Glass is created by applying high heat to sand or quartz until it is molten.  It makes an excellent medium for opening up spaces with light when used for partitions, doors or windows. As opposed to very early windows made of paper, glass windows repel water and protect a building’s interior during inclement weather.

In order to fully appreciate glass windows, you need to understand their history and how they came to be one of the most common elements of homes and buildings today.

The Invention of Glass Windows

Although glass was used in beads and vessels in the Late Bronze Age (around 1200 BC) in Egypt, it was not used for windows until the Roman Empire. These windows looked nothing like the flat, transparent windows we know today. The earliest kinds of windows were panes of shiny and glassy pebbles fitted into wooden frames. Very little light passed through these windows.

During the 1st century, glass blowing was invented. Air was blown into globs of molten glass to create a bubble, then a long cylinder. The cylinder end was cut off, one side was opened, and heated again to flattened it out. This glass had a very rough appearance and was not always transparent.

Glass Windows during the Dark Ages (5th – 15th centuries)

During the Dark Ages, most glass windows in buildings were replaced by wooden panels to keep out the cold. Despite the decline of window glass for architectural purposes, it began being used in European Catholic churches.  Metal oxides were added to molten glass and small pieces of colored glass were created. These small pieces were combined to make large windows. Often these colored panes included gorgeous illustrations.


The first mouth-blown cylinder technique of making sheet glass for windows was developed in Germany during the 11th century. In 1226 this technique was brought to England. This new type of glass was called broad glass. In this process, molten glass was gathered on a blowpipe and blown to an elongated, balloon shape. The ends were then cut off, the cylinder split with shears while the glass was still hot, and then the cylinder flattened on an iron plate.

window repair

Among the Glass-Workers, an 1871 engraving by Harry Fenn

Fortunately, as more people learned how to make thin, smooth panes of glass, windows became more common and affordable. The quality of the glass was poor, had many imperfections, and was fairly opaque. Manufacture of this type of window glass slowly decreased and ceased by the early 16th century.

Crown Glass Windows

During the Middle Ages, new methods allowed for the creation of flatter, smoother glass window panes. During the 14th century, French glassmakers perfected the process and further enhanced their techniques to create what is known as “crown glass”.

The creation of this historic type of glass window involved the following process:

  1. Blowing molten glass into a hollow globe
  2. Transferring the soft glass from the blowpipe onto a solid metal rod.
  3. Reheating and rapidly spinning a bowl-shaped glob of glass into a large, flat disk – “a crown”
  4. Cutting the large disk of glass into smaller pieces.
history of glass windows

Blowing and flattening the disk in the process of making crown glass (1)

Crown glass was more transparent and better quality than broad glass. However, this process created uneven thicknesses of glass, with the edges being much thinner than the center of the disk. Glassmakers set aside the thicker, center glass (called the bullseye) for less expensive windows. For projects that required a large quantity of high-quality glass, only small shapes could be cut from the outer edges to keep the glass of relatively consistent thicknesses.

From the Corning Museum of Glass (2)

Bullseye panes in a renovation project- Robert Silverwood (3)

This discovery of higher quality glass increased the popularity of glass windows in the mid-16th century. However, the intricate process of constructing flat, smooth glass was not widely known. This kept glass windows a luxury even for the very wealthy.

Cylinder Glass Windows in Late 1700’s and early 1800’s

Eventually, another method was developed in the late 1700s or early 1800s from which much larger panes could be made. That type of window glass was called “cylinder glass”. As more people learned how to make thin, smooth panes of glass from cylinders, windows became more common and affordable.

Cylinder glass begins in the same way as crown glass – by blowing glass into a hollow globe. The difference is that the glass is blown into a shape like a large, long bottle. Glassmakers then stood on a high, vertical platform and further blew the glass into a deep trench. That allowed them to create long cylinders of about one foot in diameter and five feet long. These cylinders were then cut along their length and reheated to flatten the glass.

From Corning Museum of Glass (2)

Man standing over trench blowing cylinder (1)

While some cylinder glass window panes were made in the U.S. after 1608, most glass windows in early America were shipped from England. 

Plate glass in the 17th century

Plate glass was invented in France in the 17th century.  It was the first method that did not involve hand blowing molten glass. Instead, it was pouring molten glass into an inclined plane, passing it through rollers, allowing it to cool slowly, and then grinding and polishing both sides.

Following the Industrial Revolution, glass windows became much more common in homes and other structures in America. In 1903, U.S. glassmakers developed the first mechanical method for drawing cylinders of window glass. The Machine Drawn Cylinder glass was the first mechanical method for doing this. 40 ft high cylinders of glass were drawn vertically from a circular tank, cooled slowly or annealed, and cut into 7-10 ft cylinders. These were then cut lengthways, reheated and flattened.

In 1913 Belgium produced the first Machine Flat Drawn Sheet glass. In this method the glass was drawn vertically in a flat sheet until it cooled sufficiently to allow the glass to be cut without breaking.

Float Glass

In the late 1950`s Sir Alastair Pilkington introduced the Float Glass Production Method by which 90% of flat glass is still manufactured today. In this method, a layer of molten glass is “floated” on to a bath of molten tin and produces fine quality glass with a mirror-like reflection and no wave or distortion. This was a major scientific and manufacturing achievement. It allowed for the mass production of glass window panes for doors, windows and partitions without the labor-intensive final processing previously required.

Why Bother to Save Antique Glass Windows?

Window glass prior to the 1950’s is considered historical or antique glass. Each type of this glass has a unique look and feel. Wavy glass and bullseye glass are the most common historical glass in the 19th and 20th centuries. These windows tell the history of a building. Restoring not replacing them maintains the historical look and integrity of an older building.

Eco-Strip recommends restoring antique windows as opposed to replacing them. Properly restored and weatherized old windows are proven in the field (not just in laboratories) to be as energy-efficient as modern, replacement windows. Replacement windows rarely are warrantied for more than 20 years; then they must be replaced again. For this reason, some window purists call them “disposable” windows. Stripped, repainted, reglazed/resealed, and weatherized windows need some maintenance over their lifetime. However, the total cost of restoration and maintenance for their 50+ year lifetime is a much smaller investment than multiple, full-window replacements over the same time period.

Eco-Strip’s Speedheater™ products enable quick and efficient paint and putty removal on old windows. Our Window Tool Kit comes equipped with 3 unique tools. In combination with either Speedheater™ 1100 Infrared Paint Remover or the Speedheater™ Cobra, window restoration can be done without damaging the window glass or delicate wood. Our Window Tools Kit includes:

  • Boomerang Scraper to strip the heated paint off the flat surfaces, narrow grooves and tight corners.
  • Chisel with Roller to smoothly and evenly remove large pieces of softened putty from fragile wood
  • Putty Scraper to loosen putty from the glass and from the wooden bed holding the glass pane

Eco-Strip Window Tools Kit

Please contact us for information about our products.

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Easy Tips to Get Your Landscape Ready For Summer

Summer is right around the corner, which means now is the best possible time to get your yard ready for the warmest time of the year. Direct sunlight and scorching heat can take a toll on your home’s landscaping if your yard isn’t prepared. To help keep your yard in great shape all summer long, here are a few key tips you can use to get your landscaping ready.

Remove any dead plant material

If you haven’t yet removed the dead plant material around your lawn and garden that built up during the winter months, now is the time to do it. Dead or dying plants can block sunlight from your other flowers and grass, which can leave your landscaping look more tan than green once summer officially arrives. Rake up any dead plant matter in your yard and then use gardening gloves to pick away any other dead material that’s closer to your flowers. Don’t rake too close to your plants or too hard or you’ll risk damaging your lawn. Update your landscaping supplies such as rocks or gravel that may have been damaged during the winter months as well.

Mow your lawn (at the right height)

Many homeowners wait to cut their lawn until their grass has had enough time to recover from the winter season. Be sure that when the time comes to mow your lawn that you do it at the right height. It’s not recommended to cut your grass below 3 inches high during the summer months. The reason for this is because the longer your grass is the more water it retains. This is important because the summer sun can suck the water right out of your plants. Cutting your grass too short could leave you with splotchy grass and browning.

Water your lawn and garden during dry periods

Not all homeowners have sprinkler systems and that’s okay. However, if you rely too much on the summer rain to give your lawn and garden some water, you could end up with a yard that looks more like a matchstick. Be sure to keep your soil moist by watering your lawn during dry spells. Avoid using sprinkler systems and hoses too often and don’t place them near the trunks of your trees.

Don’t plant shrubs too close

If you’re looking to take your garden to the next level this season and add some more plants and shrubbery for extra definition, be sure not to plant your shrubs too close to each other. This goes for planting your shrubs too close to trees as well. Trees and shrubs need to be at least four to six feet apart from each other (kind of like social distancing for plants!). The reason for this is because these plants can end up fighting each other for nutrients in the soil, root space, and sunlight. If you plan to plant rows of shrubs and trees, give each plant 10 to 12 feet of space to ensure proper healthy growth. Strategically placed shrubs and trees will not only make your yard look great but they’ll also save you up to 25% on your energy bills.

Plant seasonal flowers

One of the best things about summer is seeing happy blooming flowers in your garden. A good mix of annuals and perennials can help to keep your garden looking great all the way up until the winter months. If you planted mums during the fall last year, now may be the time when you start to spot them blooming. For more summertime flowers, consider planting asters, black-eyed Susans, verbena, zinnia, hibiscus, lantana, and the class marigold. Marigolds, in particular, are a great summer plant because they’re incredibly cheerful and their blooms last anywhere from 45 to 50 days. Like mums, marigolds can be annuals or perennials and can add some fun vibrancy to your garden.

Looking for landscaping supplies this summer?

The summer season is the best time to get outdoors and soak up the sun. But if your yard isn’t in the best condition, it might damper the mood. Get the right landscaping supplies this season to keep your yard looking great! Gateway Home and Garden Center has a wide array of landscaping supplies you can use to take your yard to the next level including stone aggregates, annuals and perennials, and landscaping rocks. For more information about our different types of landscaping materials and supplies, contact us today.

Millennial market madness: How buyers in this generation are shaking up local housing trends

Millennial market madness: How buyers in this generation are shaking up local housing trends

April 6, 2021

Charlotte Business Journal, Laura Williams-Tracy

Millennials famously put off buying homes longer than previous generations and are now getting a rude welcome to the real estate market. Trading that trendy urban rental for a first home is bringing new buyers face to face with high prices and fierce competition.

Buyers between the ages of 25 and 40 are now the fastest-growing segment of homebuyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, millennials now make up 38% of the home-buying population.

Sarah Airing and her fiancé, Garrett Ford, began looking at homes in October ahead of their May wedding. They encountered canceled home tours as sellers entertained multiple offers. Airing and Ford made offers on two houses only to lose out to higher bids.

On the third try, they landed a three-bedroom house with a renovated kitchen in east Charlotte.

“The third time, we were more aggressive,” Airing says. “We really loved this house we ended up with. We are saving money, and we have an investment now.”

In 2018, millennial homeownership was at a record low. The generation has waited longer than previous generations to set up households after graduating from college in the last recession and carrying $1.5 trillion in student debt.

Three years later, millennials still face financial challenges, but other factors weigh on their purchase decisions and are pushing them into the market, says Faith Triggs, an agent with Keller Williams SouthPark.

Covid-19 sent many home to work, creating the necessity for more space or the desire for less communal living. Young couples can trade two rents for one mortgage. In many cases, friends are becoming roommates with one paying rent to help make the mortgage.

Triggs says buyers are motivated by low interest rates and because they are already paying high rent.

“If you are paying $1,500 in rent for a small two-bedroom, and you can get a mortgage for $1,000 — you do the math. Why wouldn’t you do it?”

Other first-time buyers are relocating from larger markets, says Nick Hill, a Realtor with Allen Tate’s SouthPark office.

“I have had several clients and friends find out that their jobs are forever remote so they figure, why should I pay $4,000 in rent in New York City when I could have a three- or four-bedroom house here with a mortgage payment that’s half that,” Hill says.

Those with lower budgets are finding only fixer-uppers for less than $300,000. The average price point is $345,000.

“I have to help some understand that this is your first house, not your forever house,” Triggs says. “Let’s get you in your first house with 85% of what you want and then you leverage that to move up. We have to manage expectations so they see the long game.”

Hill says about a quarter of his millennial clients are not willing to compromise on location or reseidental construction amenities to get a new home and are choosing townhouses to stay closer to town.

About 70% of sales by Brookline Homes are to millennials, a growing percentage in the past year, says Andi Dirkschneider, Brookline Homes vice president.

Brookline has targeted Gaston County for construction as a way to keep its homes priced under $350,000. Dirkschneider says the builder has found affordable land there, and the commute into center city is shorter than from parts of Ballantyne.

Brookline is building in Belmont, Mount Holly and Cramerton and soon will begin in Gastonia with a 108-townhouse project called Beatty Woods. Homes will be priced in the low to mid-$200,000s. Brookline opened a model home in July and has already sold the first 70 homes. Other Brookline projects are in Huntersville and Concord.

About 85% of Brookline Homes are townhouses, though it has two projects coming up with single-family homes.

Dirkschneider, herself a millennial, says her conversations with her friend group helped Brookline determine what millennials want in their first homes.

Andi Dirkschneider, vice president of land acquisition and development at Brookline Homes, is pictured with townhomes at Beatty Woods in Belmont.
A look inside a model townhome by Brookline Homes at Beatty Woods in Belmont.

“We heard they were not finding what they wanted where they wanted to live,” Dirkschneider says. Luxury modern apartments set a high bar for amenities in new houses, Dirkschneider says, and Brookline aims to keep some of those amenities, such as dog parks, ample USB ports and smart locks that do not require a key in the door.

Dirkschneider says millennial buyers would quickly turn up their nose to laminate floors and carpet in the living room, so all Brookline homes have hardwood floors or engineered vinyl plank flooring.

Those features are part of the base package price, so buyers do not have to wonder how much the upgrades they want will cost.

“Buying a house is scary and a mortgage is intimidating,” Dirkschneider says. “We include features in the base price so there’s no sticker shock. The younger generation is so used to being able to price check anything.”

Bart Hopper, founder of Hopper Communities, develops townhouses at in-town locations such as lower South End, Wesley Heights and FreeMoreWest. Hopper says his buyers are generally younger people, singles or couples without children who want to stop renting but do not want to leave Charlotte’s amenities.

 “We are selling primarily to millennials. They want to be near all the action, the restaurants, the shopping, the workouts,” Hopper says. “Millennials who have kids are going out to the suburbs, going further to get more house.”

Hopper Communities townhouses are priced from the high $300,000s up to the mid-$600,000s. A popular seller among younger buyers are four-level townhouses that include a rooftop terrace at its Bryant Park Terraces development. Every community includes a dog park to satisfy millennial pet owners.

Hopper says he believes the Covid-19 pandemic pushed millennials to want to leave apartment living with shared elevators and common spaces and move to their own home with their own HVAC system.

“It makes them feel safe,” Hopper says. “We see a lot of single young women buying and getting out of apartments.”

Hopper says low interest rates and strong demand means he presells units well before construction begins. Bryant Park Terraces on West Morehead Street just went vertical, and 13 of the 52 units have sold.

The same demand exists for single-family homes. Hopper Communities recently rezoned and engineered 300 residential lots in Mooresville for major production builders.

“If you can get land under contract, rezoned and engineered and ready to go for the site work, there’s a feeding frenzy of builders interested,” Hopper says.

This article was originally posted in Charlotte Business Journal

How Building Momentum is Supporting Imagination and Playtime for School-aged Kids

Throughout the pandemic, families everywhere have had to make changes to the way they do everyday things. With distance learning and stay-at-home-orders, many children have missed out on the opportunity to truly play. While it may not seem that important to adults, imaginative play teaches kids important skills – such as how to regulate their emotions and solve problems. These are beneficial skills they will use throughout their lives. 

How Building Momentum is Supporting Imagination and Playtime for School-aged Kids

This year, Building Momentum helped Chloe Varelidi with the use of their laser cutters to create her Follies Play Kit. This brightly colored building toy allows children to build their own play space. The large pieces connect together to create unique structures that kids can easily make adjustments to or create new structures. The pieces are constructed from the same material as indoor playgrounds ensuring a sturdy toy that will last for years to come.  

In addition to providing kids a toy to play with both indoors and out, the Follies Play Kit encourages kids to develop math, engineering, spatial and tactile skills. Supported by the National Science Foundation and educators everywhere, learning STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) helps children develop important language and problem-solving skills. Playing with toys like the Follies Play Kit helps kids learn through self-discovery.   

Educators understand the importance of STEM learning which is why many encourage students to continue practicing STEM skills while remote learning from home. Unfortunately, many courses in the STEM fields require students to physically touch and feel materials within the lesson. This simply isn’t possible through a computer screen or tablet. This is why STEM toys and activities are so critical. 

Toys like the Follies Play Kit allow kids to become architects, designers and builders. When the structure falls apart or doesn’t stand up straight, they learn they must adjust and rebuild. This helps build self-confidence and encourages learning while also stimulating and encouraging children to manage strong emotions like frustration and anger.

Playing with STEM toys at an early age can spark an interest in the STEM subjects. Toys can foster interests that may one day become a hobby or even a career. 

Bringing Toys to Life

Building Momentum encourages and supports innovators like Chloe Varelidi by providing a variety of prototyping services and solutions designed to help jump start projects. Their team of skilled professionals understands the importance and urgency of getting great ideas off the drawing board and into production. They also understand the importance of play and the STEM subjects, especially during distance learning. 

Please contact us for information about our prototyping services.  Orginally seen on


As we begin 2021, businesses are starting to plan events for the year. While it’s unclear how much longer we’ll have to limit our interactions with others, many are hopeful for the opportunity to reconnect with friends and co-workers in a safe way. 

Maintaining and nurturing positive work relationships is critical. Without regular interaction, problem solving, employee communication and satisfaction can suffer. This can impact work performance and productivity – making employee satisfaction diminish. Planning a corporate event shows that you are invested in your employees. It also helps encourage collaboration and boosts employee morale. 

Finding the Perfect Space 

Planners must choose an event venue that allows for adequate social distancing, ideally with some outdoor space for maximum ventilation. The Garden offers 2,600 square feet of space for events of all sizes. The rustic, industrial-chic event hall provides an ideal space for meetings, presentations, company parties and more. With no minimum booking time, The Garden is a great choice for accommodating last-minute gatherings. This might prove especially beneficial now, as companies navigate the changes caused by COVID-19. 

To ensure the safety of all guests and staff, The Garden has implemented several safety measures including limited capacity, increased cleaning, and sanitization using innovative technology and they will continue to adjust the number of occupants allowed in the facility in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Childcare is always a factor when planning events outside of regular work hours and The Garden offers a solution. With partnerships that include neighboring businesses, Scramble and Sportrock, event planners can provide a safe and fun activity for children to attend while their parents are at The Garden. Both of these businesses offer kids camps to keep children busy and having fun safely while their parents enjoy their time connecting with colleagues.

Optional Alternatives for Kids

  • Sportrock provides climbing walls for children. In addition to being one of the founding rock climbing gyms in the country, Sportrock has the most highly certified routesetting team in the industry. Children that attend Sportrock camp learn problem-solving skills, build strength, stamina, and flexibility, and build concentration, coordination and patience. 
  • Scramble offers fun and educational camps for children ages pre-k to 5th grade. Attendees learn through play as they interact with their peers. Kids that attend Scramble camp build social skills, increase their coordination, balance, and motor skills, and learn to deal with tough emotions like fear, frustration, and anger. By encouraging imaginative play, Scramble helps kids form unique ideas and solutions to a wide range of problems.

Corporate Event Venue

In addition to plenty of space and camp opportunities for children, The Garden is conveniently located just a two-minute walk from Van Dorn Metro Station on the Blue Line. The Garden allows event attendees to bring outside food and drink, so catering can be arranged as desired. 

Companies considering corporate events for 2021 should begin planning now. It’s likely that event venues will book fast once the pandemic is behind us.

Please contact The Garden for more information about our partnerships with Scramble and Sportrock or to book your next event. Orginally seen on:

How a Drain Line Repair Can Save the Earth and Your Wallet

It does not matter if it is a kitchen sink faucet, a drip from a bathtub, or a running toilet: 10% of United States households have severe leaks in their plumbing that can lead up to 90 gallons of water waste per day. This doesn’t have to happen. The government-backed organization, Energy Star, says using certain water-saving techniques can keep the environment healthy. Saving water means using less energy, and using less energy means cleaner lakes and rivers. What is Energy Stars number one listed water-saving technique? Making changes in your own home by stopping leaks with a drain and sewer line repair.

Saving water means saving the earth but it also means saving you money on your monthly water utility bill. According to Lakeview Water Corp., an unusually high water bill is most often caused by a leak. In order to pinpoint exactly what it is in your home that is wasting your money on incessant dripping, they recommend a plumber to come in and perform a routine drain line repair. So, in order to get the best of both worlds — saving money and saving the earth — a drain line repair is a must. Though, a few questions remain.

What should I check for leaks?

When you’re problem solving and wondering if you should invest in drain line repair, you should inspect anything that sprouts water. This can be a sink faucet, a bathtub faucet, a toilet, a clothes washer, or even an outside hose or sprinkler.

It isn’t just your inside pipes that could be contributing to the problem. LWC assumes the most common cause of leaks is from toilets with continuously running toilets wasting up to 200 gallons a day. Underground leaks from outdoor usage is the runner up for where the most common leaks come from.

How do I know if something is leaking?

Before calling a plumber right away for drain line repair, there’s a trick to check if a toilet has a leak. Take off the top of the tank behind the toilet, flush the toilet, wait for it to refill with water, drip colored dye, and wait twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, look inside the tank. If there is any color left in the water, there is a leak.

Also with toilets, there might be a low humming sound that might sound like it is “running”. For outside leaks, check under crawlspaces for soggy ground. Sinks and bathtubs are easier to eyeball for drain line repair: in this case, the faucets simply drip water when not turned on.

What exactly is drain line repair?

After finding and contacting a local plumbing company in your area for a quote and service request, a typical drain line repair checks for leaks by examining the washers and gaskets for wear and replacing them if necessary. The plumbing company, or plumbing companies, you contact are the best point of reference.

Getting a drain line replacement is going to be necessary for the long run, especially if you live in higher populated cities like California. It’s worth it to check out plumbing companies in San Diego, CA since a recent survey by the American Water Works Association shows a typical San Diego household pays about $80 a month for water when the national average is less than $40 a month. By simply searching for a plumbing company near me, it’ll be the first step towards repairing the earth and your wallet.

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Important Estate Planning Factors to Consider

CPAs and Accountants in MD

Recent events have created a lot of personal and economic uncertainty for people around the globe. During these uncertain times, it’s not uncommon to start thinking about the future. Not surprisingly, the current global pandemic has led to an increase in personal planning and people developing, reviewing, and modifying their estate plans.  

comprehensive estate plan answers many uncomfortable questions and scenarios. It identifies the people responsible for handling medical decisions, financial affairs, estate affairs, and assets of an individual when they can no longer make these decisions themselves. This provides peace of mind for loved ones and ensures family members respect the individual’s wishes. 

It’s extremely important to review estate planning documents regularly. This is the only way to ensure up-to-date information and that the documents reflect current intentions. Although many people believe they can handle estate planning themselves, this isn’t advised. Having a poorly executed plan could have a long-lasting and costly impact on loved ones. Even relatively simple estates can benefit from the advice and assistance of a qualified estate planning professional. 

Act Now

There’s no better time than the present to begin developing or revising an estate plan. In addition to alleviating many of the fears caused by the global crisis, current low interest rates and reduced asset values enhance the ability to engage in cost-effective wealth transfers. Another benefit of acting fast, individuals can take advantage of the temporary doubled estate, gift, and generation-skipping tax (GST) exemption. Although not scheduled for reduction until 2026, the GST exemption may change before that time if legislation passes. This is why it’s so important to begin the estate planning process now. 


Estate plans can include a number of documents. When developing a plan, it’s important to know which ones to include.  Regardless of the situation, every plan should include a last will and testament, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, and living will.  While the last will directs the distribution of assets after a person’s death, a living will helps individuals state their wishes should they end up on life support or in an end stage condition.  Combined, these documents ensure that family members follow the individual’s wishes, provide loved ones with peace of mind during a difficult time, and later, facilitate the probate process.

Another document to consider as part of the estate plan is a revocable living trust (RLT).  This planning tool allows the individual to move assets like investments, bank accounts, real estate, or business holdings into a trust while they are still alive.  The assets placed in an RLT avoid probate, which speeds up the transfer of the assets to the beneficiaries.  It also protects the privacy of the individual.  A trust can also allow an individual some control over the distribution of assets even after death.  This can be important in the case of a split family, a second marriage, or a special-needs beneficiary. 

Annapolis/DC Area Estate and Tax Planning Consultants

It’s natural to have questions when revising or developing an estate plan.  Working with a knowledgeable team of estate planning professionals can help ensure that every factor is considered.  This alleviates stress and ensures the best possible outcome.  TMDL can help!  We have years of experience guiding clients through both the estate planning and administration processes.  Please contact us about our services. Article originally seen on:



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First, we helped Salim and Valerie get their home ready for market by suggesting repairs and cosmetic improvements that would make their stunning home stand out. While renovations were being made, we were on the hunt for the PERFECT home! We strategically found a house that was fully-equipped with tons of space—a bonus loft space, spread out bedrooms, and a finished basement! SarahDebbie, and The Reynolds Team secured this dream home by swiftly selling Salim and Valerie’s home just 14 DAYS after going LIVE on our marketing channels for ABOVE ASKING PRICE!

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Oncology Care Programs and Pastoral Counseling

While we are all self quarantining because of COVID-19 at home, many of us don’t have the ability to visit some doctors or get the counseling services we need.

For those of you are looking for second opinion on a cancer diagnosis we have a suggestion fo you.

At Paideia Oncology Care, they’re dedicated to providing you with the foremost cancer care, with the best possible outcomes. They take a faith-based, Christ-centered, comprehensive approach to the treatment of your cancer.

Most great doctors or dentists understand the value of a second opinion, and they are not offended when a patient wants one. Initially, we provide an in-depth assessment of your cancer by extensively reviewing your medical records. This includes analyzing pathology reports, imaging studies and appropriate molecular, cytogenetic and bio-marker data. We then provide an exhaustive, personalized and exclusive Consultation/Second-Opinion. In addition, we provide monthly follow up, remote monitoring consultative sessions for the duration of your treatment. This is done to insure optimal medical management of your illness.

During this period, you may choose unlimited access to our board-certified medical oncologists. But above all, and most importantly, we provide a comprehensive cancer distress management program. This program involves weekly sessions with a pastoral counselor which is, we  believe, the key advantage to overcoming your cancer.

Yes, by your Faith, we move your cancer care to a higher realm—-right into the arms of God, the great physician.

As a result, Paideia Oncology Care is leading the way in comprehensive cancer treatment. We will help you obtain a better cancer outcome, and even more importantly, a greater faith in God.  For a free consultation with one of our physicians, call (201) 906-6391.

About Dr. Graham

Dr. Peter E. Graham MD is a board certified medical oncologist, who has practiced Hematology- Oncology for over 40 years. Dr. Graham is a highly regarded and experienced national physician. In practicing medicine, he has personally witnessed the power that faith can have in eradicating cancer. Dr. Graham has recognized that this is the method that Jesus himself prescribed. In the Bible, “Your faith has made you whole” Jesus said time and time again. In this regard, Dr. Graham has developed a telemedicine program that emphasizes faith, intertwined with the best cancer treatment available via telemedicine.

About Pastor Scudder

David Scudder worked ten years in the business world before becoming a full-time senior pastor, first in rural North Carolina and then, since 1992, at Bethel Chapel Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also previously serving the Lord at a nearby cancer center, Pastor Scudder has extensive experience working with those who are struggling with the emotional and spiritual issues that cancer can bring. He brings faith into the lives of stressed and brokenhearted individuals, by applying God’s Word to meet their needs.